Reaction engineering of cyanobacterial photobiotransformations

Fellow: ESR10
Home Institution: Graz University of Technology – Austria
Academic Secondment: University of Porto – Portugal
Industrial Secondment: Subitec GmbH – Germany


This research will focus on:

i) Investigation of cultivation concepts under the guidance of SUB (mixotrophy, inhibitors to minimize CALVIN cycle, light-dark cycles) measurement of product formation, intracellular NADPH levels and quantification of key stress genes by transcriptomics will reveal physiological key factors for cyanobacterial biotransformation;

ii) Using ene-reductase YqjM and Baeyer-Villiger Monooxygenase (CHMO) as model system, introduce these enzymes into the optimized chassis system at University of Porto for control of enzyme levels and electron flow;

iii) Analyse key parameter for up-scale, up-scale to 5L and then 25L, development of downstream-processing, and commercialization with the industry partner.