Markus Hobisch

Markus Hobisch

a.k.a ESR 12


Department of Engineering – Biological and Chemical Engineering, Hangøvej
Aarhus University

Hangøvej 2
8200 Aarhus N

About Markus:

Markus was born and raised in Graz, Austria. During his Bachelor studies in Molecular Biology he developed an interest in the manipulation of DNA and the seemingly endless possibilities presented by the enzymes produced this way. He further pursued this interest by doing his Master’s Degree in Biotechnology at Graz University of Technology. In his Master’s thesis he designed and tested co-expression plasmids for the production of a three enzyme cascade.

Whenever he’s not busy with his work, Markus enjoys mountain biking, disc golf and photography.

Robert Röllig

Robert Röllig

a.k.a ESR 6


Aix Marseille University

Short CV

Recently, Robert was working as a research assistant at the Chair of Molecular Biotechnology (Prof. Dr. Ansorge‑Schumacher), Dresden University of Technology (Germany), where he successfully completed my master’s studies and graduated in the field of biology (MSc.). In this context, he experienced the advantages of international cooperation’s during his semester abroad at the National Tsing Hua University in Hsinchu (Taiwan) as well as during his short-term research internship supervised by Prof. Dr. Kurisu at the Institute for Protein Research at Osaka University (Japan).

About Robert:

During his free time, Robert enjoys to go out in the water and go scuba diving, or out in the mountains for a hike.  He likes to play soccer and chess, and when at home developing some culinary concoctions.


Alice Guarneri

Alice Guarneri

a.k.a ESR 9


Department of Agrotechnology and Food Sciences – Organic Chemistry
Wageningen University & Research

Helix Building 124
Stippeneng 4
6708 WE Wageningen
The Netherlands

Short CV

2017: Research fellow. Project: Synthesis and functionalization of renewable polymers
At  the Laboratory of Applied and Computational Biocatalysis (Department of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences. University of Trieste UniTS, (TS), Italy)

 2016: Master Degree of Science in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology.
Master Thesis title: Biocatalyzed polyesterifications by cutinase 1 from Thermobifida cellulosilytica: computational models and experimental optimization
At Department of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Trieste UniTS, (TS), Italy

2016: Visiting student. Research activity aimed at completing the final thesis
At the Biomaterial and Enzyme Biotechnology Laboratory (Institute for Environmental Biotechnology IFA-Tulln affiliated to University of Natural Resources and Life Science BOKU, Vienna, Austria)

2009: Classical High School Diploma


Publications list at: Alice Guarneri on ResearchGate

About Alice:

Alice fell in love with enzymes during her master thesis and ended up in a PhD project that involves enzymes and biocatalysis. As a scientist, she strongly believes that working in biocatalysis represents a major cultural, ethic and scientific investment for the current generation.

Besides work, Alice loves multiple and different activities, ranging from hiking, gardening and collecting mushrooms and herbs (in the region she come from mountains and Dolomites reign supreme) to reading and making homemade soap. But her favourite way of spending free-time is, for sure, having  good beer(s) with friends.

Piera De Santis

Short CV

February 2020: start of PhD Project at the Biological and Chemical Department of Aarhus University on the development of a system for the light-driven biocatalytic oxyfunctionalisation in continuously operated meso-scale flow bioreactors.

November 2019: Master Degree in Chemical Sciences at Universitá degli Studi di Napoli “Federico II” with a dissertation in biochemistry on the opportunity of developing and optimizing a nanoparticles production’s protocol suitable for PHAs and their characterization.

April-July 2019: Erasmus+ Trainee at Universität für Bodenkultur of Wien.

December 2016: Bachelor Degree in Chemistry Sciences at Universitá degli Studi di Napoli “Federico II” with a dissertation in biochemistry focused on the use of crude glycerol as a renewable source for bio-based materials production (PHA).

About Piera:

During her thesis Piera discovered the innovative power of Green Chemistry and such a first contact with this topic intrigued her so much that hers ambition is to deepen hers knowledge of biocatalysis and bioprocess.

Outside of the walls of the laboratory, Piera enjoys different activities, from visiting museums and discovering new cultures to read a good book with a cup of tea, from food tasting to drinking a cold beer with friends and colleagues.