Valentina Jurkaš

Valentina Jurkaš

a.k.a ESR 2


Biocatalysis Group,
Department of Chemistry
Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry
University of Graz
Heinrichstrasse 28 / II
8010 Graz – AUSTRIA

About Valentina:

Valentina grew up in a beautiful small village in Croatia, surrounded by nature. It inspired her to learn more about the world around her, so she chose Molecular Biology studies at the University of Zagreb. After, she embarked on a dual-degree Master program between the University of Zagreb and the University of Orleans in France earning Master degrees in Molecular Biology and Bioindustrial Techniques, respectively. She believes developing novel cell factories to take advantage of microorganisms as natural biocatalytic machines is the key for a shift towards a sustainable industry of tomorrow with a minimal environmental impact. In her project, she gets to put that in practice and work with novel cyanobacterial cell factories.

When she is not in the lab, Valentina likes to travel, hike and read good books.