Light-driven Rieske-type hydroxylations using unexplored photoantenna cofactors

Fellow: ESR5
Home Institution: University of Groningen-  the Netherlands
Academic Secondment 1: Graz University of Technology – Austria
Academic Secondment 2: Aix Marseille University – France
Industrial Secondment: Entrechem SL – Spain


This research will focus on the Evaluation of photoantenna cofactors for photosensitation in terms of capturing photons and the transfer of the excitation energy (in form of electrons).

If necessary, it will also study the enzymatic synthesis of the photoantenna cofactors (methenyltetrahydrofolate by a synthetase).  Using Rieske non-heme oxygenases as model system for the coupling of the new photosensitizers with selective mono-and dihydroxylations of various arenes and olefins.

It will also optimize expressions and generate evolved RO variants; and also generate fusion proteins between cyanobacterial FNR and Rieske oxygenases for in vivo biotransformations – syntheses of maleimide linkers which selectively bind to an introduced cysteine on the surface of the RO to covalently bind the photoantenna cofactors.